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Journal of the Korean Statistical Society

December 2001
Volumn 30, Number 4

LM Tests in Nested Serially Correlated Error Components Model with Panel Data


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 541
Seuck Heun Song , Byoung Cheol Jung , Myoungshic Jhun  
Nonlinear Regression Quantile Estimators


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 551
Seung Hoe Choi , Hae kyung Kim , Kyung Ok Park  
Selecting a Transformation to Reduce Skewness


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 563
In-Kwon Yeo  
On Asymptotic Property of Matheron's Spatial Variogram Estimators


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 573
Yoon-Dong Lee , Eun-Kyung Lee
Selection of Canonical Factors in Second Order Response Surface Models


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 585
Sung H. Park , Seong K. Han
Bayesian Analysis of a New Skewed Multivariate Probit Model for orrelated Binary Response Data


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 613
Hea-Jung Kim  
Non-negative Unbiased MSE Estimation under Stratified Multi-stage Sampling


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 637
Kyuseong Kim
Testing the Goodness of Fit of a Parametric Model via Smoothing Parameter Estimate


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 645
Choongrak Kim , Changkon Hong , Meeseon Jeong
M/G/1 Queueing System with Vacation and Limited-1 Service Policy


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 661
B-L. Lee , W. Ryu , D-U. Kim , B. U. Park , J-W. Chung
On Quantiles Estimation Using Ranked Samples with Some Applications


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 667
Hani M. Samawi
Two Sequential Wilcoxon Tests for Scale Alternatives


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 679
Prafulla Chandra Mishra


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