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Journal of the Korean Statistical Society

September 2001
Volumn 30, Number 3

Tests of Hypotheses in Multiple Samples based on Penalized Disparities


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 347
Chanseok Park , Ayanendranath Basu , Ian R. Harris  
Characterization of the Smoothest Density with Given Moments


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 367
Changkon Hong  
A Note on Adaptive Estimation for Nonlinear Time Series Models


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 387
Sahmyeong Kim  
Validity of Blockwise Bootstrapped Empirical Process with Multivariate
Stationary Sequences


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 407
Tae-Yoon Kim , Ki-Dong Shin , Gyu-Moon Song
Improving Efficiency of the Moment Estimator of the Extreme Value Index


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 419
Seokhoon Yun
A Hierarchical Bayesian Model for Survey Data with Nonresponse


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 435
Geunshik Han  
Automatic Selection of the Tuning Parameter in the Minimum Density
Power Divergence Estimation


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 453
Changkon Hong , Youngseok Kim  
Local Sensitivity Analysis using Divergence Measures under Weighted Distribution


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 467
Younshik Chung , Dipak K. Dey
Empirical Bayes Nonparametric Estimation with Beta Processes Based
on Censored Observations


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 481
Jee Chang Hong , Yongdai Kim , Inha Jung
Influence Analysis in Selecting Discriminant Variables


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 499
Kang-Mo Jung , Myung Geun Kim
Tests for Panel Regression Model with Unbalanced Data


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 511
Seuck Heun Song , Byoung Cheol Jung
Some Distribution Results on Random Walk with Unspecified Terminus


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 529
Jagdish Saran , Sarita Bansal


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