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Journal of the Korean Statistical Society

June 2001
Volumn 30, Number 2

Invited Papers

Statistical Inference in Non-Identifiable and Singular Statistical Models


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 179
Shun-ichi Amari , Hyeyoung Park , Tomoko Ozeki  
Generalization of Fisher's Linear Discriminant Analysis via the Approach of Sliced Inverse Regression


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 193
Chun-Houh Chen , Ker-Chau Li  
Patterns of Data Analysis?


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 219
Antony Unwin  
On Adaptation to Sparse Design in Bivariate Local Linear Regression


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 231
Peter Hall , Burkhardt Seifert , Berwin A. Turlach
Recent Developments in Discriminant Analysis from an Information Geometric Point of View


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 247
Shinto Eguchi , John B. Copas
On Nonparametric Estimation of Data Edges


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 265
Byeong U. Park  
Double Unit Root Tests Based on Recursive Mean Adjustment and Symmetric Estimation


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 281
Dong Wan Shin , Jong Hyup Lee  
Teleportation into Quantum Statistics


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 291
Richard D. Gill
Zooming Statistics: Inference across scales


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 327
Jan Hannig , J. S. Marron, R. H. Riedi
* The special issue for the 30th aniversary of the Korean statistical Society and the 53th International Statistical Institute meeting at Seoul. Korea



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