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Journal of the Korean Statistical Society

March 2001
Volumn 30, Number 1

Bootstrap Inference on the Poisson Rates for Grouped Data


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1
Kee-Won Lee , Woo-Chul Kim  
A Study on Bandwith Selection Based on ASE for Nonparametric Regression Estimator


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 21
Tae Yoon Kim  
A New Estimator for Seasonal Autoregressive Process


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 31
Beong Soo So  
Negative Exponential Disparity Based Deviance and Goodness-of-fit
Tests for Continuous Models : Distributions, Efficiency and Robustness


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 41
Dong-Bin Jeong , Sahadeb Sarkar
An Adaptive Test for Ordered Interqartile Ranges among Several Distributions


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 63
Chul Gyu Park
On Copas' Local Likelihood Density Estimator


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 77
W. C. Kim , B. U. Park , Y. G. Kim  
The Optimal Limit of the Number of Consecutive Minimal Repairs


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 89
Jongho Bae , Eui Yong Lee  
Maximum Likelihood Estimator in Two Inverse Gaussian Populations with Unknown Common Coefficient of Variation


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 455
Hyuk Joo K
Stochastic Comparisons of Markovian Retrial Queues


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 99
Byungjin Choi , Keeyoung Kim
On Stationarity of TARMA(p, q) Process


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 115
Oesook Lee , Mihyun Lee
Mixtures of Beta Processes Priors for Right Censored Survival Data


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 127
Yongdai Kim
Some Diagnostic Results in Discriminant Analysis


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 139
Whasoo Bae , Soonyoung Hwang
A Strong Law of Large Numbers for Stationary Fuzzy Random Variables


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 153
Sang Yeol Joo , Seung Soo Lee , Young Ho Yoo
Restricted Bayesian Optimal Designs in Turning Point Problem


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 163
Han Son Seo


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