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Journal of the Korean Statistical Society

December 2000
Volumn 29, Number 4

Parameter Estimation for a Hilbert Space-valued Stochastic Differential Equation


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 375
Yoon Tae Kim , Kee-Won Lee  
Jackknife Variance Estimation under Imputation for Nonrandom Nonresponse with Follow-ups


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 385
Jinwoo Park  
Intrinsic Priors for Testing Two Exponential Means with the Fractional Bayes Factor


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 395
Seong W. Kim , Hyunsoo Kim  
A Bayesian Method for Narrowing the Scope of Variable Selection in Binary Response t- Link Regression


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 407
Hea-Jung Kim
Bootstrap Median Tests for Right Censored Data


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 423
Hyo-Il park , Jong-Hwa Na
Correspondence between Error Probabilities and Bayesian Wrong Decision Losses in Flexible Two-stage Plans


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 435
Seoung-gon Ko  
Intrinsic Priors for Testing Two Normal Means with the Default Bayes Factors


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 443
Jongsig Bae , Hyunsoo Kim , Seong W. Kim  
Estimation of Mean Using Balanced Systematic Sampling and Interpolation for Population with Linear Trend


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 455
Hyuk Joo K
Stochastic Comparisons of Markovian Retrial Queues


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 473
Yang Woo Shin , Yeong Cheol Kim
Parameter Estimation in a Complex Non-Stationary and Nonlinear Diffusion Process


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 489
Beong Soo So


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