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Journal of the Korean Statistical Society

September 2000
Volumn 29, Number 3

On the Weak Law of Large Numbers for Weighted Sums of Pairwise Negative
Quadrant Dependent Random Variables


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 261
Tae-Sung Kim , Jong Il Baek  
On the Autocovariance Function of INAR(1) Process with a Negative Binomial or a Poisson marginal


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 269
YouSung Park , Heeyoung Kim  
Effect of Outliers on Sample Correlation Coefficient


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 285
Choongrak Kim , Byeong U. Park , Kook L. Choi , Whasoo Bae  
An Efficient Method on Constructing k-Minimal Path Sets for Flow Network Reliability


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 297
Seung Min Lee , Dong Ho Park
A study on bandwith selection based on ASE for nonparametric density estimators


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 307
Tae Yoon Kim
A Note on a Family of Lattice Distributions


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 315
Stefen Hui , C. J. Park  
Design of On-Line Process Control with Variable Measurement Interval


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 319
Changsoon Par  
A Bayesian Diagnostic Measure and Stopping Rule for Detecting Influential Observations in Discriminant Analysis


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 337
Myung-Cheol Kim , Hea-Jung Kim
The Cusum of Squares Test for Variance Changes in Infinite Order Autoregressive Models


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 351
Siyun Park , Sangyeol Lee , Jongwoo Jeon
An Algorithm for One-Sided Generalized Least Squares Estimation and Its Application


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 361
Chul Gyu Park


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