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Journal of the Korean Statistical Society

June 2000
Volumn 29, Number 2

Jeffrey's Noninformative Prior in Bayesian Conjoint Analysis


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 137
Man-Suk Oh Yura Kim  
Bayesian Multiple Comparisons for Normal Variances


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 155
Hea-Jung Kim  
Estimating the Population Size from a Truncated Sample


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 169
Sung Chil Yeo  
Asymptotic Properties of LAD Estimators of a Nonlinear Time Series
Regression Model


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 187
Tae Soo Kim Hae Kyung Kim Seung Hoe Choi  
Regression Analysis of Longitudinal Data Based on M-estimates


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 201
Sin-Ho Jung Terry M. Therneau  
Assessment of Bioequivalence with Dropout Subjects in 33 and 32 Crossover Design


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 219
Seoung-gon Ko Hyun Sook Oh  
Analysis of Linear Regression Model with Two Way Correlated Errors


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 231
Seuck Heun Song  
On a Modified k- Spatial Medians Clustering


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 247
Myoungshic Jhun Seohoon Jin


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