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Journal of the Korean Statistical Society

December 1999
Volumn 28, Number 4

The Behavior of Several Measures of Burn-In Reliability When Weak Components are Present


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 399
Kuinam J. Kim , Thomas J. Boardman  
Design of Step-Stress Accelerated Life Tests for Weibull Distributions with a Nonconstant Shape Parameter


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 415
C. M. Kim , D. S. Bai  
Rate of Convergence of Empirical Distributions and Quantiles in Linear Processes and its Application to Trimmed Mean


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 435
Sangyeol Lee  
Monte Carlo Estimation of Multivariate Normal Probabilities


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 443
Man-Suk Oh , Seung-Whan Kim  
Partially Observed Data in Spatial Autologistic Models with Applications to Area Prediction in the Plane


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 457
Young-Won Kim , Eun-Ha Choi , Sun Y. Hwang  
A Kolmogorov-Smirnov-Type Test for Independence of Bivariate Failure Time Data Under Independent Censoring


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 469
Jinheum Kim  
A Note on the Chi-Square Test for Multivariate Normality Based on the Sample Mahalanobis Distances


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 479
Cheolyong Park  
Asymptotic Distribution of the LM Test Statistic for the Nested Error Component Regression Model


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 489
Byoung Cheol Jung , Myoungshic Jhun , Seuck Heun Song  
ARMA Model Identification Using the Bayes Factor


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 503
Young Sook Son
A Repair Process with Embedded Markov Chain


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 515
Eui Yong Lee , Munsup Seoh
Analysis of Unfinished Work and Queue Waiting Time for the M/G/1 Queue with D-policy


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 523
Yon-Il Park , Kyung-Chul Chae


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