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Journal of the Korean Statistical Society

September 1999
Volumn 28, Number 3

Moments of Order Statistics from Doubly Truncated Linear-Exponential Distribution


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 275
Jagdish Saran , Narinder Pushkarna  
Sequential Confidence Intervals for Quantiles Based on Recursive Density Estimators


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 297
Sung Kyun Kim , Sung Lai Kim  
Bayesian Outlier Detection in Regression Model


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 311
Younshik Chung , Hyungsoon Kim  
Optimal Restrictions on Regression Parameters For Linear Mixture Model


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 325
Jung Yeon Ahn , Sung Hyun Park  
Robust Simple Correspondence Analysis


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 337
Yong-Seok Choi , Myung-Hoe Huh  
Correspondence Analysis of Two-way Contingency Tables with Ordered Column Categories


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 347
Kyung-Sook Yang , Myung-Hoe Huh  
Change-Point Estimation and Bootstrap Confidence Regions in Weibull Distribution


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 359
Kwang Mo Jeong  
ARMA Modeling for Nonstationary Time Series Data without Differencing


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 371
DongWan Shin , YouSung Pa  
Some Stochastic Properties for Imperfect Repair Model


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 389
Jae-Hak Lim , Dong Ho Park , Joong Kwon Sohn


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