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Journal of the Korean Statistical Society

June 1999
Volumn 28, Number 2

Asymptotic Comparison of Latin Hypercube Sampling and Its Stratified Version


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 135
Jooho Lee  
Limiting Distributions of Trimmed Least Squares Estimators in Unstable AR(1) Models


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 151
Sangyeol Lee  
A Bayesian Variable Selection Method for Binary Response Probit Regression


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 167
Hea-Jung Kim  
A Method of Obtaning Least Squares Estimators of Estimable Functions in Classification Linear Models


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 183
Byung Hwee Kim ,In Hong Chang , Kyung Hwa Dong  
Estimating Methods on Exponential Regression Models with Censored Data


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 195
Il-Do Ha , Youngjo Lee , Jae-Kee Song  
Mixed Linear Models with Censored Data


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 211
Il-Do Ha , Youngjo Lee , Jae-Kee Song  
Efficient Prediction in the Semi-parametric Non-linear Mixed Effect Model


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 225
Beong-Soo So  
The Cluster Damage in a kth-Order Stationary Markov Chain


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 235
Seokhoon Yun  
Block Bootstrapped Empirical Process for Dependent Sequences


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 253
Tae Yoon Kim  
Calibration by Median Regression


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 265
Jinsan Yang , Seung-Ho Lee  


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