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Journal of the Korean Statistical Society

Mar. 2004
Volumn 33, Number 1

Invited Paper : Multivariate Analysis for the Case when the Dimension Is Compared to the Sample Size


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1
Yasunori Fujikoshi  
Regression with Censored Data by Least Squares Support Vector Machine


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 25
Daehak Kim, Jooyong Shim, Kwangsik Oh  
Distributions of Patterns of Two Failures Separated by Success Runs of Length k


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 35
Kanwar Sen, Babita Goyal  
Nonparametric Discontinuity Point Estimation in Generalized Linear Model


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 59
Jib Huh  
A Permutation Approach to the Behrens-Fisher Problem


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 79
Michael A. Proschan, Dean A. Follmann  
On the Almost Sure Convergence of Weighted Sums of Na Random Variables


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 99
T. S. Kim, M. H. Ko, Y. M. Lee, Z. Lin  
Comparison Study of Bivariate Laplace Distributions with the Same Marginal Distribution


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 107
Chong Sun Hong, Sung Sick Hong  
Measure of Departure from Quasi-Symmetry and Bradley-Terry Models for Square Contingency Tables with Nominal Categories


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 129
Kouji Tahata, Nobuko Miyamoto, Sadao Tomizawa  


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