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Journal of the Korean Statistical Society

Setempber. 2003
Volumn 32, Number 4

Spatial Trends and Spatial Extremes in South Korean Ozone


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 313
Seokhoon Yun, Richard L. Smith  
Measures for Stability of Slope Estimation on the Second Order Response Surface and Equally-stable Slope Rotatability


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 337
Sung H. Park, Ho-Seog Kang, Kee-Hoon Kang  
New Bounds on the Overflow Probability in Jackson Networks


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 359
Jiyeon Lee  
Nonparametric One-sided Tests for Multivariate and Right Censored Data


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 373
Hyo-Il Park, Jong-Hwa Na  
Robust Estimation using Quasi-score Estimating Functions for Nonlinear time Series Models


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 385
Kyungyup Cha, Sahmyeong Kim, Sungduck Lee  
Site-dependent Irregular Random Walk on Nonnegative Integers


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 401
Mokhtar H. Konsowa, Hassan M. Okasha  
A Bayesian Method for Finding minimum Generalized Variance Among k Multivariate Normal Populations


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 411
Hea-Jung Kim  
Bayesian Hierarchical Model with Skewed Elliptical Distribution


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 425
Younshik Chung, Dipak K. Dey, Taeyoung Yang and Junghoon Jang  


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