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Journal of the Korean Statistical Society

Setempber. 2003
Volumn 32, Number 3

Invited Paper : Unorthodox Bootstraps


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 213
Peter J. Bickel  
Some New Asymmetric Orthogonal Arrays


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 225
M. L. Aggarwal¡¤Veena Budhraja  
Residual in Minimal Resolution IV Designs


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 235
Pen-Hwang Liau  
Three-Way Balanced Multi-Level Rotation Sampling Designs


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 245
Y. S. Park¡¤K. W. Kim¡¤N. Y. Kim  
On Hellinger Consistent Density Estimation


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 261
Theodoros Nicoleris?Stephen G. Walker  
Bayesian Test for the Equality of the Means and Variance of the Two Normal Populations with Variances Related to the Means Using Noninformative Priors


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 271
Dal Ho Kim, Sang Gil Kang, Woo Dong Lee  
Estimation of Scale Parameter and P£¨Y£¼X£©from Rayleigh Distribution


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 289
Chansoo Kim, Younshik Chung  
A Selection Procedure for Good Logistics Population


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 299
Parminder Singh¡¤A. N. Gill  
Correction and Addendum : Analysis of Unfinished Work and Queue Waiting Time for the M/G/1 Queue with D-policy


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 311
Yon-IL Park¡¤Kyung-Chul Chae  


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