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Journal of the Korean Statistical Society

June. 2003
Volumn 32, Number 2

On Testing the Equality of the Coefficients of Variation in Two Inverse Gaussian Populations


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 93
Byunggin Choi, Keeyoung Kim  
Inference After Stochastic Regression Imputation under Response Model


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 103
Jae Kwang Kim, Yongdai Kim  
Bayes Empirical Bayes Estimation of a Proportion under Nonignorable Nonresponse


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 121
Jai Won Choi, Balgobin Nandram  
Selection Procedures to Select Populations better than a Control


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 151
Narinder Kumar, H. J. Khamnei  
Independence Test for Bivariate Censored Data under Univariate Censorship


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 163
Jinheum Kim, Jianwen Cai  
An empirical Bayesian Estimation of Monthly Level and Change in 2-way Balanced Rotation Sampling


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 47
Seung-Chun Lee, Yoo Sung Park  
Geometric Ergodicity and Existence of Higher-order Moments for DTARCH(p,q) Process


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 191
Oesook Lee  
A Note on Weak Convergence of Empirical Processes for a Stationary Phi-Mixing Sequence


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 203
Tae Yoon Kim, Jang Han Kim, Tai Sup Lee  


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