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Journal of the Korean Statistical Society

Dec. 2002
Volumn 31, Number 4

An Integrated Sequential Inference Approach for the Normal Mean


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 415
M. A. Almahmeed, H. I. Hamdy, Y. H. Alzalzalah and M. S. Son  
A Sequential Approach for Estimating the Variance of a Normal Population Using Some Available
Prior Information


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 433
Hani M. Samawi and Mohammad F. Al-Saleh
Local Influence Analysis of the Equicorrelation Modely


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 447
Myung Geun Kim and Kang-Mo Jung
Asymmetric Modeling in Beta-ARCH Processes


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 459
S. Y. Hwang and Myung-Wook Kahng
A Combined Method Compensating for Wave Nonresponsey


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 469
Jinwoo Park  
A Weak Convergence for a Linear Process with Positive Dependent Sequencesy


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 483
Tae-Sung Kim, Dae-Hee Ryu and Il-Hyun Lee  
Balking Phenomenon in the M[x]/G/1 Vacation Queue


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 491
Kailash C. Madan  
Semiparametric Bayesian Regression Model for Multiple Event Time Datay


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 509
Yongdai Kim  
Projection Pursuit K-Means Visual Clustering


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 519
Mi-Kyung Kim and Myung-Hoe Huh  
A Change-point Estimator with Unsymmetric Fourier Seriesy


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 533
Jaehee Kim  


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