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Journal of the Korean Statistical Society

Sep. 2002
Volumn 31, Number 3

Special Invited Paper : Experimental Designs for Computer Experiments and for Industrial Experiments with Model Unknown


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 277
Kai-Tai Fang  
Unit Root Tests for Autoregressive Moving Average Processes Based on M-estimators


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 301
Dong-Wan Shin,Oesook Lee
Minimax Choice and Convex Combinations of Generalized Pickands Estimator of the Extreme Value Index


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 315
Seokhoon Yun
Parameter Estimation for a Hilbert Space-valued Stochastic Differential Equation II


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 329
Yoon Tae Kim,Hyun Suk Park
Inhomogeneous Poisson Intensity Estimation via Information Projections
onto Wavelet Subspaces


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 343
Woo-Chul Kim,Ja-Yong Koo  
Kernel Regression Estimation under Dependence


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 359
Tae Yoon Kim,Donghoh Kim  
On the Strong Laws for Weighted Sums of AANA Random Variables


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 369
Tae-Sung Kim,Mi-Hwa Ko,Sung-Mo Chung  
Sequential Estimation with -protection of the Difference of Two Normal Means When an Imprecision Function Is Variable


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 379
Sung Lai Kim,Sung Hyun Kim  
Recurrence Relations between Product Moments of Order Statistics for Truncated Distributions and Their Applications


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 391
Jagdish Saran,Narinder Pushkarna  
A Level Crossing Approach to the Analysis of Finite Dam


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 405
Sunggon Kim,Eui Yong Lee  


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