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Journal of the Korean Statistical Society

September. 2005
Volumn 34, Number 3

A Study on the Effect of Power Transformation in Spatial Statistic Analysis


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 173
Jin-Hee Lee, Key-Il Shin  
A Generalization of the Intraclass Correlation in Cluster Sampling


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 185
Kyu-Seong Kim  
Approximation of Evolution Equations Driven by Fractional Brownian Motion with Hurst Parameter 0


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 197
Yoon Tae Kim  
All Possible Hierarchical Quadratic Regressions for Response Surfaces


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 209
Sung-Soo Kim, Soon-Sun Kwon, Sung-Hyun Park  
l-Step Generalized Composite Estimator under 3-Way Balanced Rotation Design


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 219
K. W. Kim, Y. S. Park, N. Y. Kim  
A Simulation Study of Bayesian Proportional Hazards Models with the Beta Process Prior


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 235
Jaeyong Lee  
On Bayesian Estimation and Properties of the Marginal Distribution of a Truncated Bivariate t-distribution


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 245
Hea-Jung Kim, Ju Sung Kim  


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