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Journal of the Korean Statistical Society

June. 2005
Volumn 34, Number 2

A Bayesian Analysis for Product of Power of Poisson Rates


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 85
Hea-Jung Kim  
Asymptotic Mean Squared Error of Positive Part James-Stein Estimators


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 99
Myung Joon Kim, Yeong-Hwa Kim  
Moments of Variogram Estimator for a Generalized Skew t Distribution


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 109
Hyoung-Moon Kim  
Estimating the Correlation Coefficient in a Bivariate Normal Distribution Using Moving Extreme Ranked Set Sampling with a Concomitant Variable


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 125
Mohammad Fraiwan Al-Saleh, Ahmad Mohammad Al-Ananbeh  
A Note on Constructing 2n31 and 2133 Designs When Linear Terms are Essential


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 141
Pen-Hwang Lian  
Modified Slope Rotatable Central Composite Designs


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 153
B. Re. Victor Babu  
Preliminary Detection for ARCH-Type Heteroscedasticity in a Nonparametric Time Series Regression Model


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 161
S. Y. Hwang, Cheolyong Park, Tae Yoon Kim, Byeong U. Park, Y. K. Lee  


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