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Journal of the Korean Statistical Society

Mar. 2005
Volumn 34, Number 1

The Hajeck-Renyi Inequality for AQSI Random Variables and Its Application


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1
Tae-Sung Kim, Mi-Hwa Ko, Kwang-Hee Han  
On the Ratio X/(X+Y) for Weibull and Levy Distributions


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 11
M .Masoom Ali, Saralees Nadarajah, Jungsoo Woo  
On the Complete Convergence of Weighted Sums for Dependent Random Variables


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 21
Jong-Il Baek, Sung-Tae Park, Sung-Mo Chung, Han-Ying Liang, Chung Yel Lee  
The Uniform Mixture of Generalized Arc-Sine Distributions


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 35
M. C. Jones  
Poission Arrival Queue with Alternating Service Rates


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 39
Jungwoo Kim, Eui Yong Lee, Ho Woo Lee  
Frequency Histogram Model for Line Transect Data with and without the Shoulder Condition


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 49
Omar Eidous  
Binary Random Power Approach to Modeling Asymmetric Conditional Heteroscedasticity


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 61
S. Kim, S. Y. Hwang  
On Comparison of Performances of Synthetic and Non-Synthetic Generalized Regression Estimations for Estimating Localized Elements


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 73
Amitava Saha  


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