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Journal of the Korean Statistical Society

Setempber. 2004
Volumn 33, Number 4

Convergence Of Weighted U-Empirical Processes


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 353
Hyo-Il Park, Jong-Hwa Na  
Quasi-Likelihood Regression for Varying Coefficient Models with Longitudinal Data


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 367
Choongrak Kim, Meeseon Jeong, Woochul Kim, Byeong U. Park  
An Integrated Process Control Procedure with Repeated Adjustments and EWMA Monitoring under an IMA(1,1) Disturbance with a Step Shift


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 381
Changsoon Park  
Extension of Factoring Likelihood Approach to Non-monotone Missing Data


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 401
Jae Kwang Kim  
Conflict among the Shrinkage Estimators Induced by W, LR AND LM Tests under a Student's t Regression Model


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 411
B. M. Golam Kibria  
On Marginal Integration Method in Nonparametric Regression


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 435
Young Kyung Lee  
Asymptotic Distribution of DEA Efficiency Scores


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 449
S.-O. Jeong  
Approximation of the Solution of Stochastic Evolution Equation with Fractional Brownian Motion


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 459
Yoon Tae Kim, Joon Hee Rhee  


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