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Journal of the Korean Statistical Society

Setempber. 2004
Volumn 33, Number 3

Directional Log-Density Estimation


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 255
Jib Huh, Peter T. Kim, Ja-Yong Koo, Jinho Park  
On Complete Convergence of Weighted Sums of -mixing Random Variables with Application Moving Average Processes


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 271
J. I. Baek, H. Y. Liang, Y. K. Choi, H. I. Chung Budhraja  
A Trial Solution Approach to the GI/M/1 Queue with N-Policy and Exponential Vacations


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 283
K. C. Chae, Snag Min Lee, Jin Dong Kim, Ho Woo Lee  
A Markovian Approach to the Forward Recurrence Time in the Renewal Process


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 299
Jongwoo Kim, Eui Yong Lee, Gyoocheol Shim  
Inference for Peakedness Ordering between Two Distributions


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 303
Myungsik Oh  
Goodness-of-Fit Test Using Local Maximum Likelihood Polynomial Estimator for Sparse Multinomial Data


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 313
Jangsun Baek  
Estimating Various Measures in Normal Population through a Single Class of Estimators


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 323
Sharad Saxena and Housila P. Singh  
Generalizing the Refined Pickands Estimator of the Extreme Value Index


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 339
Seokhoon Yun  


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