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Journal of the Korean Statistical Society

June. 2004
Volumn 33, Number 2

Robust Unit Root Tests for seasonal Autoregressive Process


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 149
Yu-Jin Oh and Beong-Soo So  
A Simple Approach to the Workload Analysis of M/G/1 Vacation Queues


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 159
Nam Ki Kim, Yon Il Park and Kyung Chul Chae  
Default Bayesian Inference of Regression Models with ARMA Errors under Exact Full Likelihoods


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 169
Young Sook Son  
Empirical Bayes Estimation of Residual Survival Function at Age t


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 191
Tachen Liang  
Noninformative Priors for Linear Combination of the Independent Normal Means


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 203
Sang Gil Kang, Dal Ho Kim and Woo Dong Lee  
Influence of Special Causes on Stochastic Process Adjustment


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 219
Jae June Lee and Mihye Ahn  
Local Influence Analysis of the Proportional Covariance Matrices Model


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 233
Myung Geun Kim and Kang-Mo Jung  
A Joint Distribution of Two-Dimensional Brownian Motion with an Application to an Outside Barrier Option


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 245
Hangsuck Lee  


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