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Journal of the Korean Statistical Society

March 2002
Volumn 31, Number 1

Nonparametric Bayesian Mulitple Change Point Problems


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1
Chansoo Kim , Yoonshik Chung  
Noninformative Priors for the Power Law Process


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 17
Dal Ho Kim , Sang Gil Kang , Woo Dong Lee  
Optimal Convergence Rate of Empirical Bayes Tests for Uniform Distributions


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 33
TaChen Liang  
Hierarchical Bayesian Inference of Binomial Data with Nonresponse


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 45
Geunshik Han , Balgobin Nandram
Efficient Markov Chain Monte Carlo for Bayesian Analysis of Neural Network Models


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 63
Paul E. Green , Changha Hwang , Sangbock Lee
Bayesian Analysis for a Functional Regression Model with Truncated Errors in Variables


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 77
Hea-Jung Kim  
Bayesian Parameter Estimation and Variable Selection in Random Effects Generalised Linear Models for Count Data


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 93
Man-Suk Oh , Tae Sung Park
Weak Convergence of U-Empirical Processes for Two Sample Case with Applications


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 109
Hyo-Il Park , Jong-Wha Na
A New Proof of Efficiency of LAD Estimation in an Autoregressive Process


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 121
Key-Il Shin , Hee-Jeong Kang , Songyong Sim
Strong Law of Large Numbers for Tight Fuzzy Random Variables


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 129
Sang Yeol Joo
Correction and Addendum: On Asymptotic Property of Matheron's Spatial Variogram Estimators


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 141
Yoon-Dong Lee , Eun-Kyung Lee


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