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Journal of the Korean Statistical Society

March 1999
Volumn 28, Number 1
Some Limit Theorems for Fractional Levy Brownian Motions on Rectangles in the Plane


-------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3
Kyo-Shin Hwang , Soon-Bok Kang , Yong-Kap Choi , Tae-Il Jeon,Ho-Seh Oh  
Limit Theorems for Fuzzy Martingales


-------------------------------------------------------------------------- 21
Sang Yeol Joo , Gwan Young Kim , Yun Kyong Kim  
A New Upper Bound of Convolution-type for Median-Unbiased Estimators


-------------------------------------------------------------------------- 35
Beong-Soo So  
A Multiple Unit Roots Test Based on Least Squares Estimator


-------------------------------------------------------------------------- 45
Key-Il Shin  
On Efficient Estimation of the Extreme Value Index with Good Finite-Sample Performance


-------------------------------------------------------------------------- 57
Seokhoon Yun  
A Bayesian Test for Simple Tree Ordered Alternative using Intrinsic Priors


-------------------------------------------------------------------------- 73
Seong W. Kim  
Bayes and Sequential Estimation in Hilbert Space Valued Stochastic Differential Equations


-------------------------------------------------------------------------- 93
J. P. N. Bishwal  
A Bayesian Test Criterion for the Multivariate Behrens-Fisher Problem


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 107
Hea-Jung Kim  
A Queueing System with Work-Modulated Arrival and Service Rates


------------------------------------------------------------------------- 125
Jiyeon Lee  


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