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Submissions of Manuscripts. To submit a manuscript to be considered for publication, either send four copies of the manuscript or e-mail a copy in postscript or pdf form to one of coeditors, Kim, Choongrak(Pusan National U. kimcr@pusan.ac.kr), Lee, Oesook(Ewha Women's U. statlee@ewha.ac.kr), and Park, Sang-Gue(Chung-Ang U. spark@cau.ac.kr). Manuscripts will not normally be returned to the authors. Receipt of manuscripts will be acknowledged, and if the receipt does not come within a reasonable time, authors are urged to recontact the editor.

Preparation of Manuscripts. Manuscripts should be typewritten and double spaced with margins at sides, top and bottom (refer to the latest issue of the journal). Use of the word processor LATEX is preferred (ask about our discount system for LATEX processed final versions of the accepted manuscripts). Manuscripts should include references and keywords. Keywords (within 5 words or phrases) with heading "Key Words" should be placed between the abstract and the main body of the manuscript.

Abstract. Each manuscript should contain an abstract with heading "ABSTRACT" following the title of the paper. The length of an abstract should not exceed 150 words. Formulas should be used as sparingly as possible. The abstract should not make reference to results or formulas in the body of the paper. It should be self-contained.

Submission of Reference Papers. Two copies of unpublished or not easily available papers cited should be submitted with the manuscripts.

Title and Abbreviated Title. The title should be descriptive and concise. An abbreviated title not exceeding 35 characters, to be used as a running head, is also required.

Address of Authors. Authors' full addresses should be given in the footnote of the manuscript's first page.

Footnotes. Footnotes should be reduced to a minimum and, where possible, be replaced by remarks in the text or references. Formulas in footnotes should be avoided. Footnotes in the text should be identified by superscript numbers.

Figures and Tables. Figures, charts and diagrams should be prepared in a form suitable for photographic reproduction. Tables should be typed accompanying footnotes immediately below the table.

References. References should be typed in the following styles:
Anderson, T. W. (1984). An Introduction to Multivariate Statistical Analysis, 2nd ed., John Wiley & Sons, New York.
Berger, J. O. and Sellke, T. (1987). "Testing a point null hypothesis: The irreconcilability of p-values and evidence", Journal of the American Statistical Association, 82, 112-122.
In textual material, the format 'Anderson (1984)' is normally preferred to 'Anderson (1)'. Multiple references can be distinguished as 'Anderson (1984a)'. Abbreviation for the name of journal should not be used.

Proofs. The corresponding author will ordinarily receive galley proofs. Corrected galley proofs should be sent to the editor.



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